Gob Ribbons in their earliest formation started out in the year 2012.
It was their first placement at central Switzerland’s contest for emerging bands called Sprungfeder in the year 2018 that gave the band the opportunity to record their first EP Attain-Maintain and to play
gigs all around Switzerland.

They have since then refined their diverse soundscapes while
working on their first album Imparted. The sound feels contemplative, expressive, and always
dynamic. The songs cover emotions and atmospheres that are sometimes soothing, mysterious, and sometimes furious and cathartic.

Gob Ribbons take inspiration from a wide array of artists and keep on evolving but are most often compared to bands in the Post-Rock and Progressive-Rock genres.

Manuel Luthiger – Bass
Pascal Furrer – Drums
Leandro Stalder – Vocals
Aurel Schüpbach – Keys
Cyrill Durrer – Guitar