Gob Ribbons unify post-rock, progressive metal, and stoner rock into a unique concoction.

Their debut album Imparted I (2022) offers richly layered instrumental passages, complex arrangements, atmospheric harmonies and vocals with a lot of emotional and stylistic variety. It will be completed with the second part of the Album Imparted II, to be released on October 2022.

The songs featured on Imparted I: The Age of Comparison are thematically linked by their shared viewpoint on the emergence of cultural paradigms and the life of their own they acquire. They tell stories about the origin, the proliferation, and the decay of ideas. Most of all though they speak about the human mind’s need to be heard.

Imparted I: The Age of Comparison is the first half of the Concept Album Imparted. It features the Single «Impart the Impartible» with a full length music video

Music Video «Impart the Impartible» (Released 10. June 2022)

The full EP can be found on all streaming platforms: